Hydrosphere facility has far exceeded my expectations to reassure me that the test results provided to me as a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit requirement are in as much “control” as you can have with the least amount of “interference”. 

Your explanation of control and interference is not only from what happens inside the lab but also trying to have some control of the outside environment of the entire building. Now that’s thinking outside the box!!…literally.

From the initial phone call to set up and confirm the sampling date and begin the process, the preliminary test results your staff provides me with and the support data included in the final report for me is definitely paying attention to detail.  

In the future, when I receive a Hydrosphere final report I will remember that there is a great deal more work going on behind the scenes than just looking for the >100% to put on my Discharge Monitoring Report.

Vero Beach Municipal Power Plant, Thomas Allen