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Hydrosphere Research has been a leader in environmental and product toxicity testing since 1986. We provide a wide range of toxicity testing services for both marine and freshwater environments, including effluent biomonitoring using acute and chronic whole effluent toxicity (WET) tests, toxicity reduction evaluations (TRE), sediment toxicity characterizations, and product toxicity testing for evaluation of chemicals and product mixtures used in the environment.

We are accredited by the State of Florida under the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP).

Hydrosphere has launched it's new website. Take a look around and let us know if you would like to see any additional features.

The DMR-QA 34 is underway. Hydrosphere has ordered the reagents and will be running the toxicity tests soon. All clients will receive an email with our results.

Toxicity Testing Services
Toxicity Testing Services
Our accuracy and timeliness has made us the first choice for bioassay and toxicity testing among industrial dischargers, chemical manufacturers, wastewater treatment plants, engineering firms, regulatory agencies, analytical laboratories and other organizations across the U.S.

Some of the bioassay/toxicity services Hydrosphere Research offers include:
  • oil dispersant toxicity tests
  • bioassay and toxicity testing
  • product toxicity testing
  • acute toxicity tests and chronic WET tests to comply with NPDES permits
  • whole effluent toxicity testing
  • toxicity identifications and reduction evaluations
  • algae growth potential and nutrient limiting studies
  • sediment studies
  • bioaccumulation studies
  • product testing
  • reverse osmosis reject water toxicity testing
  • ion imbalance toxicity evaluations
  • laboratory flow through testing
  • aquaculture and mariculture research
  • endocrine disruptor studies
  • elutriate testing
  • consulting on toxicity issues
" Hydrosphere Research has been extremely helpful and professional in helping us address our toxicity issues. They conducted Phase I, II, & III TIE while working closely with our consultants for both regulatory compliance and relief. I'm extremely pleased with Hydrosphere Research's results and service."
- Fred Magyari,
City of Starke, FL
Toxicity Testing Services
We invite you to visit our state-of-the-art toxicity testing facilities in the Progress Corporate Park, a thriving technology community in North Central Florida.

To schedule a tour or to find out more about our testing services and how Hydrosphere Research can help you meet today's environmental standards, email or call 866.375.9004.

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Toxicity Testing Services